Including Toyota Dyna, the Japanese used truck is strong

Dyna of Toyota was Dyna of Toyota that I used for the self-management that it was used and seemed to attract, but thought to start it in used goods assessment by circumstances.
The Toyota Dyna getting on is a low age type, and there is the kickback (careful rebounding vibration) to a touch and the brake pedal of the steering wheel when, besides, there is the problem and stepped on brakes, and a skewness, the decentration of the disk rotor of brakes are thought about.
I think and thought used assessment to be profitable even a little, but seem to be severe when it is this state...?
After calling, and talking, I listened to the following stories!
As for the Dyna of Toyota, it is to the foot of people living a life every day abroad in the heavy labor in the very large dense forest and mine and the developing ground mainly. Because the Japanese car is cheap and is high-performance, and there is few it, and the trouble is made soundly, I tend that large amount of is traded, and, as for the Toyota Dyna, popularity seems to be high.
It is domestic trucks such as the Toyota Dyna, but, speaking frankly, is considerable treasure.
Even if there is a repair career, I do not change even if an age type is old.
Including Toyota Dyna, this is because the Japan which is strong, and is the low mileage-born truck is required abroad.